How To Use Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Apps?

artificial intelligence
Mobile apps are the center of the technological revolution because of rising consumers demand for the on-the-go or instantaneous access to information. The biggest trend that is taking shape in app development is the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI). With the help of Artificial Intelligence, apps can create a more personalized experience for users by analyzing data and identifying user’s behavior. Artificial intelligence technologies that can be used in mobile application • If your app is about the customer support service like creating reports and market reviews, then you need to use a Natural Language Technology or Natural Language Generation. • Speech Recognition Technology is one of the popular technologies to use interactive voice control systems in mobile applications. The best example of this technology is Siri, Ok Google, and Cortona that transform the human speech into the text format that is understandable to computer. • If you want to have a business app that has the capability to interact with people online, take feedback from the user or the online community then you need to use Chatbots or voice managers. • If you want to develop the corporate app that can also be used for forecasting and classification the important information, you should implement Machine Learning technology. • Biometric is the technology that identifies and analyze the human behavior and physical aspects of structure and shape of the body through work with images, sensory recognition, voice and gesture control. This technology is mainly used in marketing research. • Text Analytics and NLP technology, allows you to find the information on the search engines, generate news, structure solid texts, and many more. This technology is used for fraud detection systems. • Emotion recognition is a very interesting technology that allows software to read emotions from the human face with the help of advanced image processing or audio data. Human senses are captured through subtle speech signals and voice recognition. • In your mobile application, you can successfully use Image Recognition technology to identify and detecting an object in a digital image or a video. This technology can be used for detecting license plates, diagnose diseases, analyze clients, verify users from their faces. When you are developing the application, you should pay attention to serverless computing. At the time of developing functions in the application, you can create each one as a serverless calculation written in different languages like Java, Ruby, JavaScript, or Python. Let’s define some common tips when developing a mobile app with Artificial Intelligence • Decide what to do, what problem to solve and for whom. Analyze the current market, your competitor, and the history of the market. Make sure that your idea is unique and in demand. • Immerse yourself in the development of your idea of the mobile applications completely. To do this, it is necessary to conduct advanced analytics. • At the time of developing your application, pay attention to the design. The design of your application must be exciting and simple. • Identify the strengths of your Artificial Intelligence app, its functions, its advantages, attractiveness to the user. • Do the automated and manual testing of your app. It helps you to identify the weakness of your app because and eliminate the possibilities of errors and bugs. • Try to get the feedback from the user, it helps you to improve your app and its functionalities. • Use Artificial Intelligence in mobile apps to reduce the complexity of the process because users are interested in convenient mobile application uses. Integration of Artificial Intelligence withdifferent technologies including mobile apps and even our daily life can be revolutionary era. The main job of Artificial Intelligence is to make computer networks smarter by coordinating the work of all devices, tools, connecting, sensors, and networks to increase human interaction. At Fifium, we develop a highly customizable and user-friendly apps. We have experience in the field of app development, that’s why we are aware of the difficulties in the process of development. We use updated tools and latest technologies to provide the best solution according to your business requirement. Our experienced and highly skilled developers known for their apps which are quick responsive and highly customizable which provide best user experience. Contact us for the mobile app development now.